While I don’t go to the movie theatres that much, simply because they don’t play good ones that often, I see cinema as a sublime ineffable art form that is fuel to my soul-engine.
Bicycle, motorbike, on foot or whatever the means; I like to go & be in the outdoors to see more open spaces. Temples, ruins, & buildings under construction are my favorite man-made’s.
Living & getting by in India, a land I’ll always call home had had quite a few side-effects on me. Something I like and prefer to practice more than discuss.
As a toddler near water, I’ve tried to run & jump in as soon as I could. Love for the water as a grown-up has found expression in swimming & diving.
When there’s no drive to be outdoors, I like exploring indie games. Braid, Superhot, Pacman, Red Dead to name a few, but the one I can’t stop thinking about is Playdead’s INSIDE.
While I admit I miss a lot around me when I do this, I like to shoot almost all the time. I even sit on the footage for ages, but sometimes I do edit videos deep into the night.
Few things bring intense feelings within me as much as music does. Sadly I don’t play any instrument that well, but I listen to it like a dead dog on a cozy bed.
Moving Image
My interests
Outdoor Exploration
Swimming & Diving
Video Games
Shooting & Editing (Videos)
Sound of Music
I approach desgin challenges with enthusiasm and commitment, and I have a knack for learning from the work I do. I find experimention an important part of my design process that evolves in accord with the context I'm working in. I thrive on ideas and explorations into the new and future possibilities; and I like building point-of-views/perspectives that helps me employ those ideas and translate them into tangible outcomes.
I'm an Architect & Experience Designer. I currently work as a Creative Director at                                                   , leading the experience design & new media design teams. While an efficient, well-functioning team is mission-critical, much of my focus is spent thinking through design theories & systems, solving business problems, designing interfaces & experiences, and sometimes even making videos/narratives that communicate ideas or concepts through storytelling.
Moonraft Innovation Labs