2018 . Apoorv Tomar
Balance Transfer
Part Pre-payment
Personal Loan Saver
Multiple-channel entry points into this section provided us an opportunity to identify the nature of customers in a different way. Calculator and simulators were disguised as a profiler in the journey in order to shift the perception of users from a rate led approach to a more benefit based one, projecting personal loan as convenience finance.
Change in perception
Personal loan offering in the IDFC ecosystem needed to highlight key features of the solution along with a calculator. Subtly highlighting the benefits and features upfront using animated gifs, the interface was intended to be visually more conversational and at the same time straightforward in terms of communicating information through words.
Personal Loan Journey
A platform based game designed to subtly instil the idea of protection, using a relatable theme of crossing shores on a boat. Usage of metaphors like boat — your asset as a user, shore — goals at various stages of your life, weather (storm, rain, clouds etc.) — as obstacles and risks in life, sea serpent — as a life risk, along with passengers who are your family or dependants.
Shores of life — a game about insurance
Playfully serious
Motor Insurance
Direct meanings and terms like financial risks, health risks, liabilities etc., though help us communicate efficiently, they are at times quite complex to deal with, specially when you’re new to insurance.

Our idea of integrating a game with the insurance journey was to playfully and subtly communicate the idea of protection by adopting metaphors for goals, savings, choices etc. and at the same time helping users figure out which solution suits them the best.
Early iterations for insurance journey.
Various characters of the game symbolising different aspects of insurance.
Some sketches from the game that briefly illustrate the narrative.
A general lack of awareness among people regarding the need for life and health insurance or protection, directed us to think of how by using an interactive gameplay, users can be informed about the need for insurance as a significant aspect in their financial planning.
Insurance Journey
Risk Levels
Investment Goals
Using the tree as a metaphor, we simulated hypothetical scenarios that show the possible journey of users investment, instead of just showing only the end result. The wealth journey could have various ups and downs depending upon what they choose as their risk appetite.
By using the analogy of risk-taking for an outdoor sports enthusiast we made the banking users understand financial risk appetite they could take while investing their money.

This gave the users an opportunity to role play and identify what is best for them in a playful way.
We used metaphors from our everyday lives through out the journey to communicate financial terms and insights the way users would relate to them. The experience resulted as more of an interactive playful journey that simplified various aspects of investment like risk levels, market ups and downs, funds division etc.
Based on the user’s context, like age and what stage of life they are in, the journey recommends what goals they should be focusing on.

In the case of multiple recommendations, the interface would highlight what is ‘essential’ and what is ‘good to have’ for the user.
Visual metaphors for banking jargons
The investment section of IDFC Bank needed to educate and profile users who are new to investing at the same time give comfort and reliable information to a seasoned invester.
Wealth Journey
Visual design which reflects IDFC brand’s deep-rooted Indian heritage and culture. A set of illustrations inspired by Madhubani painting created a unique visual character and were used diversely across verticals to suit our canvas.
More than helping the bank sell its wealth management products, IDFC wanted to educate its customers, especially targetting the youth, to help them become more aware of investing and knowing the risks involved at an early age.
Rather than leaving users to figure out details by going through large chunks of information that often goes unread, we used storytelling and took users on a journey that help users in evaluating if the product adds value based on their contextual needs rather than bank’s preferences.
Visual narratives instead of product catalogues
Interactive Product Journeys
Experiments with iconography
Instead of using common metaphors of iconography that are widely used and occupy most of the global web market today, objects and motifs of Indian origin and heritage like tools, musical instruments etc. were created to communicate unlike their western counterparts.
Quietly Indian
The tiles being used could shift and vary in size. They also have the property of a brand color programatically rendered atop the images being used. These two qualities of the tiles makes a strong case for the images being used almost always to only communicate the supporting nature of the images.

Images chosen therefore, are minimal in the subject, direct in terms of communicating the idea, and distraction free in terms of the overall visual density of the elements shown in the frame.
Bring forward what may be the most relevant item for the user at a particular point in time.
Complex workflows and heaps of information instead of simply cut down, were designed to be equally efficient & intuitive.
Weaving together a combination of text, graphics, layout, interactions & transitions to ensure users have an intuitive & rich experience, not just an informational view.
Driven by user’s priorities
Mobile first, instead of a
device-first approach
Read less, Scan more
(visual over verbal)
Personalisation through dynamic tiles, that change based on user profile and past browsing behaviour — eliciting a strong brand flavour, layered on visuals of what a user might be looking for.
A refreshing experience
We realised that in order to make the experience user friendly and relatable, we needed to leverage a feature which would be extremely familiar to users. By keeping the Search Bar as the central element of the experience, we ensured that not only is the design relatable but also highly functional and efficient.
Familiarity triggers delight!
Customised Solutions
Dynamic Offerings
Key tenets of IDFC bank
Customers represent the bank — powered by a good experience
Focusing on solutions instead of talking about products
Humanising banking to build a bridge between technology and users
Building on the unbank philosophy
Branchless banking to control costs
Building product relationship with user
Customer acquisition
(being the 83rd bank)
Business challenges
The core philosophy behind 'unbank' is having a thorough understanding of the customer and suggesting relevant and contextual financial solutions. These curated solutions address the exact need of the customer relevant to the stage of life or career he/she is in.

It is as if the bank knows exactly what is in the customer's mind and suggests accordingly. This is in stark contrast to the other banks who generally tend to push their products to customers without really understanding if there is an actual need.
Need based customer journeys
Consumers consider banking experiences to be formal and boring. What if the banking experience could be fun, similar to interacting with a trusted friend? By leveraging insights from user research and the power of marketing technology, we were able to provide a dynamic and personalised web experience. An experience which feels as if the bank knows exactly what the user is looking for!
‘Unbank’ to differentiate
IDFC Bank, being the 83rd bank to enter the Indian banking landscape, needed a digital strategy to differentiate through customer experience.
As their digital experience partner, we designed and delivered the ‘Unbank' experience which ensures that interacting with the bank feels like talking to a childhood friend. An experience so intuitive, feels like the bank knows exactly what you want.
2015 — 2016
Interaction Design, Digital Experience
Mumbai, Bangalore
Unbank to Differentiate
Digital strategy to differentiate through customer experience
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