The smartphone app was designed for connectivity. It constantly keeps you connected, giving you real- time data and updates. It also allows you to remotely control a whole host of interesting features.

Designed for connectivity
The e2o has 10 on-board computers that log and monitor every aspect of the car's performance in real time. It also provides intelligence to the drivers and engineers to get the best performance out of it.

The interaction design for the app was born out of thorough user research. This resulted in features like ease of use through one-hand operation, range check and reserve power boost to address range anxiety. The application made user experience and adoption easier by making sense of the massive amounts of data available from the electric car and making sense of it in the user’s context.
Car that knows your context
A web portal gives customer’s a good view of their car’s performance, battery status, car temperature and the subsequent distance they can cover based on the current charge level.
Performance & drive details
Turn the A/C on from anywhere, and pre-cool your car much before you step into it.
Lock and unlock the car remotely through the application.
Contextual dial for easy one hand operation and to access multiple features effortlessly.
Central Dial
Research gave us an insights about the car mainly being used as a second car of the house and is used for activities such as shopping, dropping/picking up kids from the school etc. We observed that in such cases multitasking while driving was a common phenomenon.

One hand of the car owner would be occupied carrying a bag or such things while walking towards the car. This led us to the ensure that the app needed to be designed for easy one hand operation. This gave birth to the round dial to access multiple features.
Multitasking while driving
Range Check
Addresses range anxiety by showing distance covered
by remaining charge.
Additional power boost once charge finishes to take to the nearest charging point.
Use the phone to lock/unlock the car remotely.
Convenience of remotely operate the car temperature.
Revive Power
Lock & Unlock
Remote Operation
Key Features
We got the opportunity to get involved with various customer touchpoints in the product life-cycle journey of E2O. From product redesign which featured the telematic app, to the product launch where we did a projection mapping to convey the story to end consumers.
Customer touchpoints across product journey
The app was designed to transcend the car experience to customer’s phone. Features like car on/off, air conditioner controls, range check etc were key in ensuring this experience addressed user’s usual anxieties associated with electric vehicles.
Designed to address anxieties associated with driving electric cars
We engaged with Mahindra e2o to design and develop a telematic mobile app for India's first electric car. The objective behind designing the application was to give complete control to the consumer to operate as well as check car parameters straight from their phone.
The future of mobility
2012 — 2013
Mahindra E2O
Interaction Design, Digital Experience
Your Car in your Pocket
Telematic app for India’s first electric car
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